2020 Recap - Over 200 Shirts Distributed!

2020 Recap - Over 200 Shirts Distributed!

2020 Recap - Over 200 Distributed

Thanks to you, from August to December, we distributed over 200 shirts!

That's remarkable. Mind-boggling even, given Meeples Crossing didn't even exist before August.

This monumental achievement wouldn't have been possible without the partnerships we've created, and relationships we've built, and we want to take moment to say thank you to the following:

To FallCon and their directors for allowing us to partner with them on their 2020 fundraiser campaign. Allowing us to design and produce their t-shirts and host their fundraiser on our fledgling store made a huge difference in helping us launch our business. It gave us greater visibility in the local community we already love and appreciate, as well as allowing us to help support them. We are thankful they trusted us.

To Jamey Stegmaier at Stonemaier Games for agreeing to allow us to utilize some of their IPs, as well as encouraging us and just being generally nice to deal with.

To our volunteers, families, and trusted advisors. We talked to a lot of people about our plans and aspirations and got lots of valuable feedback and support. Community is what makes this hobby, and our community turned out in spades.

And finally, to YOU! Thank you for trusting us enough to buy our shirts, despite only being able to see mockups and proofs. That is no small thing! Without your support, this whole dream of ours wouldn't have even left the ground.

From the Meeples Crossing team, we wish you the best in 2021.

New Year, New Shirts!

Andrew and I have been slowly percolating on some new t-shirt designs over the last few months, and are ready to launch a new round of pre-orders for these two new one-of-a-kind shirts!

Stay tuned for more details SOON!

Two new board game T-Shirts for your enjoyment

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