New Year, New T-Shirts!

New Year, New T-Shirts!

Our Two New T-Shirt Designs

Pre-Order Time!

This January, we are releasing two new shirts! We've been working hard on these over the holidays, and are excited to add them to our store as pre-orders! By pre-ordering our shirts, you help us offset our initial investment, help us get a better grasp on what demand might be like, and help us bring these products to reality. In return, you get $5 off of our regular price, and a one-of-a-kind, super comfy shirt (or two!)

Our pre-order will be open for 1 month, followed by another estimated two weeks of production.

Coffee Beans & Board Games T-Shirt

Coffee Beans and Board Games Folded Mockup

One of our most detailed and painstaking t-shirt designs to date, this year we celebrate two of the things that make life better, even in the middle of Covid: Coffee and Board Games!

Coffee Beans & Board Games - Board Game Apparel

"Fuelling Midnight Gaming Since the Beginning of Time"

Coffee Beans & Board Games - Runic Text

It's always better in runic.

Printed on the same Bella & Canvas shirts that our other products have used, the fabric is a mix of ringspun cotton and polyester. If you already have a Meeples Crossing shirt, you know already how comfortable they are. If you are new to our brand, you can check out some of the reviews on some of our other products.

Pre-Order Now!


What the Sheep T-Shirt

What the Sheep - Board Game T-Shirt

We all know that lovely feeling of the 'Aha!' moment in board games, when everything lines up and all your diligent stratagems come to fruition. It's a beautiful thing.

This shirt doesn't celebrate that. Instead it celebrates that other feeling. That feeling that all your stratagems and scheming has been for naught, and in the end, you aren't nearly as much of a paragon of cunning intellect you at first had hoped.

That's board games for you.

What the Sheep - Sheeple Closeup - Board Game Apparel

The sheeple would feel your pain and sympathize, but they are only sheeple, and have no feelings.

Even in the depths of your deepest mental agony, there's no reason why your body can't be swathed in comfort. Again, we are using our go-to standard for soft, comfortable t-shirts. The fabric is a mix of ringspun cotton and polyester, making it a resource you need to put in your hand.

Pre-order now! It's your destiny.


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