T-Shirt Spotlight: Our First Fantasy RPG/Dungeons & Dragons T-Shirt!

T-Shirt Spotlight: Our First Fantasy RPG/Dungeons & Dragons T-Shirt!

Close up of red Circle of Fate t-shirt, our first Fantasty Tabletop RPG T-shirt

First introduced at FallCon 2022 (our local con in here in Calgary), our new Circle of Fate first RPG t-shirt is also our first t-shirt in partnership with an external artist! Scott A. Ford is an artist located in Winnipeg up here in Canada. (You can find his other work on his website here.)

I was first exposed to Scott’s artwork when I got his graphic novel Ark Land from the library to read to my kids. Later, our paths crossed at Calgary Expo where I was impressed with his cool video game artwork (I highly recommend his Hollow Knight print) and realized that his style would work great for a t-shirt design. It wasn’t until after we had chatted for awhile that I realized he was also behind Ark Land, and I knew I wanted to work with the guy.

Spread of Circle of Fate T-shirts

From the start, we knew we wanted an RPG-focused design that encapsulated that feel of a fate system: behind the scenes dice controlling the impending failure or success of the party. We also were looking for lots of action and lots & lots of impending doom, and the final design delivered. (Personal favorites include the owlbear and the mimic.)

Closeup of Circle of Fate Dungeons & Dragons Artwork on Purple T-shirt
Working with Scott was fantastic. I was able to describe my vision for the design, and we worked through a series of sketches and drawings to get to the final product. The amount of detail and theme that Scott has managed to integrate in the design just makes me happy every time I see it, and the shirts themselves turned out just awesome!
Sketch artwork of the Circle of Fate Tabletop RPG T-shirt design in progress.

You can pick up Circle of Fate in Red, Purple and Storm Gray colors! We look forward to working with Scott again soon! (Next time, in SPACE!)

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