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Feeling election anxiety? Now’s your chance to wear a nice comfy t-shirt AND have anxiety! You’re welcome. Thank you to all of you who have reached out and expressed interest in our products, and who have urged us to open up shipping to the United States. We are very grateful for the response we’ve gotten so far from you all and look forward to sending you a shirt soon!

In gratitude, we’re running a promotion: get one of our new Scythe: Rusviet Faction Acrylic pins for FREE! (20 Available. Read below for more details.)

New Acrylic Pin Product

A Little More About Acrylic Pins:

“What’s all this about Acrylic pins?” you ask. They are kinda like enamel pins, but made of transparent acrylic with a printed background. The pins are about 1.25” by 1.25” with a metal pin and rubber clutch that holds the pin securely wherever you attach it. I mean, look at the picture. They’re neat! We know you want one, and now’s your chance to get one for free!

Just include the pin in your cart along with at least one t-shirt, and use the coupon code FREEPIN when checking out to have it marked down to zero. But hurry, we only have 20 coupons codes available!

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