Last Outpost: A Colony Management Roll & Blight

Last Outpost Board Game Cover


Last Outpost is a free print and play roll and write game that's currently a work in progress. In the game, you'll be building and managing your colony, researching technologies, and trying to keep people happy while scrambling to build a starship to escape the planet before the blight gets to you.

Can be played solo, or with up to ? players. (We've playtested to 3 players so far. Technically, you could play with as many as you want, but mileage may vary.)

Designed to require a minimum of components, you only need a pencil, 5 d6 dice, a printer, and 5 markers of some kind to play. (We use lego dots personally.)

You can access the most recent WIP files on our WIP BGG thread here.