Meeples Crossing & FallCon Pre-Order - Now Closed

As part of our grand opening, we’re partnering with FallCon, Calgary's beloved annual board game convention, to help raise money for their board game library through a t-shirt fundraising campaign. The cancellation of FallCon 33 meant they needed to find other ways to raise funds to update their game library for next year’s con, and we’re happy to come alongside them in this fundraiser! Special thanks also goes to Steeped Games (creators of the Chai board game) for allowing us to provide some merch on their behalf as well!

Board Game T-Shirt Pre-Order

One Heck of a Pre-Order

Our pre-order period will run from August 4th, 2020, to 11:59PM, August 24th, 2020.

All profits from any FallCon items or Steeped Games items go directly to FallCon’s board game library fund. In addition, we'll donate $2 to FallCon's board game library fund for every Meeples Crossing shirt (Scythe, Wingspan, or Originals series) purchased in the same order as a FallCon item!

All the Loot

In addition to the shirts and stickers available for purchase in our store, we’ve partnered with FallCon and Steeped Games to include some goodies with qualifying orders as well as some awesome discounts.

To take advantage of these discounts, ensure you enter the relevant coupon code when you go to check out! We will include your freebies when we fulfill your order; you don't need to include them in your cart. And if you want a different sticker than the one noted, let us know!

The Daily

To Qualify: 2 Shirts in Cart
$1.50 off each shirt + 1 FREE FallCon sticker!

Coupon Code: DAILY

The Weekender

To Qualify: 3 Shirts in Cart
$2 off each shirt + 2 FREE stickers: FallCon & Chai board game

Coupon Code: WEEKEND

The Analysis-Paralysis

To Qualify: 4 Shirts in Cart
$2.50 off each shirt + 4 FREE Stickers: FallCon, Chai board game, Chai: Tea for 2, and Wingspan

Coupon Code: APPRONE

The Private Collector

To Qualify: 6 Shirts in Cart
$3 off each shirt + 6 FREE Stickers: 1 of every sticker on our site!

Coupon Code: COLLECTOR


Once the pre-order period ends, we’ll be hard at work producing your chosen goods. Our goal is to get all your chosen goodies into your hands by the end of September 2020, coinciding with when FallCon 33 was supposed to take place, so you can have at least a little taste of the board game community in these trying times!



Local Pickup (Free) - We will be providing limited time pick-up locations in both south and north Calgary. If you choose “Local Pickup” at the end of checkout, we will send follow-up emails with the specific times and locations once they are available.

Shipped to you: Select 'ship' when checking out to have your order either shipped to you anywhere in Canada ($12-15) or, if you are in the Calgary area (including Okotoks, Chestermere, and Airdrie), we can provide delivery right to your door ($5)!

Disclaimer: Unfortunately, with COVID-19 throwing its weight around still, production and shipping times may vary, and/or be delayed, so we appreciate your patience while your order is fulfilled.


You can cancel and refund your order any time before 11:59 PM, August 24th, 2020. After August 22nd, your refund request will be subject to our regular refund policy.

Customer Support

If you have any questions, concerns, or problems, please contact us via our contact page, or direct message us on Facebook or Instagram, and we will be delighted to help