Fundraising Update and New Interview!

Fundraising Update and New Interview!

FallCon Fundraising Update

It’s been just over a week since we launched Meeples Crossing and our FallCon fundraiser,and we would like to thank all of you who have participated so far! As of Thursday the 13th of August, we have reached 29% percent of FallCon’s fundraising goal. At launch, FallCon shared a goal to sell 150 of the various FallCon shirts, and so far we’ve sold 43! Again, thank you to you all! We’re counting on your continued support to push even closer to our final goal over the next two weeks.

Learn more about the fundraiser here.

It’s been exciting to watch MC become a reality, and we’re hyped to continue sharing with you some of the things we have in the works!

Introducing: The Meeples Crossing Interviews!

You have questions (maybe), and we have answers. We interviewed Layne Huber, one of the principal meeples. . . er. . . people at Meeples Crossing, about how he got started with a board game apparel business, some behind the scenes stories, what he wants people to know about our products, and other interesting tidbits and factoids that may or may not be irrelevant. (Layne gets a little quiet towards the end, so you might need to jack your volume a bit.)

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