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Meeples Crossing

Sticker Sheet: Pixel Art Meeples & Space Ships! - Meeple Stickers - Retro Board Game Stickers

Sticker Sheet: Pixel Art Meeples & Space Ships! - Meeple Stickers - Retro Board Game Stickers

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With 16 unique stickers, build your own retro platforming diorama and help the retro meeples get through the level! Crafted with love and attention to detail, this vinyl sticker sheet has all the retro-blast cuteness you could want for your water bottle, laptop, or phone and is kiss-cut to allow easy peeling and application.

Product Details:
- Vinyl Sticker Sheet
- Kiss-cut for easy removal
- 7x5 inches in size

Care Instructions

While screen-printed art fades over the lifetime of your new clothing, here are some ways you can preserve it for as long as possible:

Wash inside out. This helps keep the artwork intact & vibrant longer.

Wash with cold water. This helps reduce any fabric shrinkage.

Hang dry/tumble dry on low. High heat can damage the fabric and the artwork.


Usually ships in 3-5 business days. We try to bunch shipments together as much as possible so sometimes can be earlier.

If a pre-order product is part of your order, your order will not ship until the pre-order is printed and ready to be included in your shipment.

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